Women Catechist School

Fr. Tauch was the first parish priest in Peikang in the Chiayi Prefecture and opened there in Sept 8, 1955 also a Catechist School. After his transfer to Kaohsiung as chaplain of the Hospital there he continued to run in Kaohsiung under more favorable circumstances and in a bigger way. Because the young women catechists there saw the inspiring example of the religious Sisters and also were deeper initiated in religious life, therefore, they received a thorough formation.

Already in a letter of June 8, 1958 to Fr. Superior General Schuette Fr. Tauch could write, that his trained Catechists were employed by the Spanish and German Dominicans as well as by the Hungarian, Spanish and American Jesuits, further by the German Franciscans and the Swiss Bethlemites. The appointment of Fr. Tauch as mission superior in Chiayi in Feb 1962 seems to have the result that the Bishop of Kaohsiung wants to continue the Catechist School.

In conclusion one can say of this period: It is astounding what these three lonely missionaries without big financial support from the Society have achieved. 1. Fr. Krieftewirth in building up a big Sister Congregation, that already is fully engaged in mission activity and certainly will grow in  the future. 2. Tauch’s School of Women Catechists, which radiates in all Dioceses and Prefectures of Formosa. 3. Fr. Kade as jurist and vicar general in the administration of the Chiai Prefecture.

However, one should also say that much more could have been achieved, if the Society from the beginning would have had a clearer goal and a more positive attitude toward the mission in Formosa. The fact that the Society so suddenly broke off the negotiations over accepting a mission territory in the Chiayi Prefecture, and this for financial reasons, is not an honorable thing for our Society. As one of the biggest mission societies in Mainland China (350 missionaries at work), it should have accepted the moral obligation, to continue this tradition in Formosa. The attempts of our former Chinese mission bishops in the area of mission work and of the press, which never materialized, have damaged our name in Church circles in Formosa. It is not to be contested that these attempts were done in a real missionary spirit, which in particular can be seen in the dramatic correspondence of Msgr. Buddenbrock and Fr. General Kappenberg. But the fact remains that the impression on the outside world was not favorable for the good name of our China Mission. As a Society one also has to keep in mind the continuity and stability of an enterprise.

And this was in no way guaranteed for our three missionaries: 1.) Fr. Kade was no longer employed as vicar general after his accident. 2.) Fr. Tauch’s Catechist School is after his appointment to mission superior without director. 3.) Fr. Krieftewirth’s Sister Congregation has been built up with help of the SVD, but whether the stability is guaranteed, further negotiations with the Bishop will have to show.