Daily Lectio Divina (2017.12.12)

天主聖言 (瑪竇18:12-14)

瑪竇18:12-13兩節,以亡羊的比喻,來說明天主對人之愛如何深切卓絕。這比喻也見於路15:3-7; 如兩相比較,瑪竇的語句更簡短。此外,本處瑪竇說羊是「迷失了路」的,路加15:4卻說羊是「遺失了」的。不過這點區別是由於瑪竇所取的背景是山地,而路加的則是荒野。瑪竇有:「如果他幸運找著了」,路加則為:「直到找著牠」。除了這些細小區別外,兩聖史的結論是相同的:牧人因找到了那隻亡羊所感到的喜樂,比那九十九隻未曾失掉的羊給他的喜樂更大。


Bible translation

Bible translation into one of the abiriginal languages in Taiwan by Fr. Anton Weber, SVD



St. Joseph Freinademetz

In the spring morning of April 15, 1852, a baby boy was born to a farm couple in Oies, a village in the south Tyrolean Alps. On the same day he was baptized and named Joseph. He was the fourth child of his parents, and had twelve brothers and sisters, four of whom died soon after birth.



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