Tapinglin Holy Trinity Church

On January 1, 1962 Cardinal Thomas Tien established an SVD parish in Hsintien, Tapinglin. Fr. Edward Wojniak, SVD, appointed as the first parish priest, was in full charge of the construction, and on November 22, 1964 the Holy Trinity Church was inaugurated.

The church was designed by German SVD, Fr. Friedrich Linzenbach, a professional architects who also designed the buildings of Fu Jen Catholic University in Hsinchuang. The Church’s sleek lines which fall down from the Cross at the top of a small tower symbolize the large net thrown into the depth of the sea for fishing. The altar is like a fishing boat, with the Tabernacle at its end and a cross on the top of it symbolizes Jesus as the helmsman, leading the whole life of the church.

Beautiful stained glass windows tell the story of God's redemption, created by two German artists: Walter Klocke and O. Peters. These stained glass windows are unique for the whole of Taiwan. The mosaic of the Holy Trinity at the top right wall behind the altar was created by Paul Edzard Seeger, and produced in Munich, Germany.